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Thanks, Andy Edwards T-Box Product Manager. Thanks Andy, Ive also had EPG problems earlier this week. I think that the T-box should have a Manual Timing Mode so that when the EPG is not working, you can select it to record a program by channel/date/time, like all other standard PVR's. Thanks, Tom.
10 Mar 2012 T-Box continues to display 'unknown program' when looking through channels. If information does display it is only for the current program and maybe the one after, and only for one or two channels. Same problem when going to 'Guide'. No longer able to shedule recordings by programs because of this.
27 Jan 2012 Hi, I have reset the Tbox and followed the reset instructions which did not fix the EPG. I have reset the EPG many times, nothing happens at all. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks - 28246.
17 Aug 2014 I just had the t-box fixed for the same problem and it lasted for two days and is now doing the same thing,Anybody have any ideas without having to send it back again. Message 1 of 8 There is usually sone delay in getting the program guide up after a reset, although it should be within a reasonable time.
30 Apr 2017 Hello Meggsy, I'm having the same issue! Guy wanted me to delete all my programs in order to escalate the issue!! Telstra why do you inconvenience me! The T-Box technical team are useless! Don't recommend Telstra service to anyone, there's just been way too many problems lately, not happy about this
1 Jan 2014 Having a persistent problem with the TV guide on my tbox. Very little programs appear in the free to air section. And nothing for foxtel channels. The current program in of does not even - 225565.
19 Jul 2015 Something not right there Hazard. We have T-Box 2 and now problems with the guide. Could I suggest to youy that you do a T-Box reset of the guide: at Settings >TBox Information > Reset Options > Reset EPG. If that doesn't get them back for you, two options, do a complete channel re-scan and if not then,
3 Oct 2014 I don't know what I am watching at the moment as it comes up with unknown program.I have tried a quick reset and disconnecting the power and reseting the wifi modem with no luck.When I try to look at the movie selection it tells me it is not availible because it is checking the hard drive,but it doesn't seem
What is T-Box Mate? T-Box Mate is a companion application to the T-Box. It is an easy to use application that will provide a subset of features currently available on your T-Box. Registered T-Box users will be able to use this application on their iPad, provided they are both connected to the same home network. Customers
31 May 2013 This does temp fix it but the next day no epg again. I'm sick of constantly reseting tbox and modem. I'm paying good money for bigpond service and not getting anywhere with tech support (reset everything is all they know how to say). I can't record anything cause of the epg not working. Can someone