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19 Oct 2012 Dual VCF Multimode filter + VCA. Analogue Solutions SY02 Multimode Filter/VCA A great module with a multimode filter and a VCA. Analogue Solutions SY02 Multimode Filter VCA EURORACK great condition and sound$234.
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22 Feb 2012
According to the manual, all the signal and control outputs are buffered, and many of the inputs too, although despite this, I did experience voltage drops when making some connections, such as plugging the output of an LFO into the CV input of a VCO. Analogue Solutions have since confirmed that not all of the matrix
Using the Pitch Wheel with the sync on , the wheel “move” only the VCO2 creating big alterations in the waveform content. Than there is a mixer/vca part , the Filter with cutoff, . Doepfer X-treme filter; Malekko (Wiard) Borg (Buchla-Korg); Analogue Solutions SY02. I like the Borg but it works only as a multimode filter that can
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